ManAvenue – Xander Walks Naked Over The Field

September 26th, 2011 / No Comments » / by Ben Daniels (Admin)

Beautiful boy Xander, with the body of a real athlete and sporting a great cock has just took a shortcut on his way home. He’s passing through a field and he’s reached the place which he fancies the most: a big haystack that was put together is such a way that one can’t see anything behind it, including the road where cars pass by.

Xander usually stops at that place on his way home, because he can get naked and wank his cock without being interrupted.

When there were no cars in sight, Xander took off his pants and t-shirt, and showed us his big dick. He even got completely naked and began to walk over the field that way. He stopped at one place and sat down on the grass. There he started to jerk his dick and didn’t stop until he shot his wad.

Xander is a hot boy who loves to jerk his cock outside in nature, preferrably in an open field.


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Active Duty – New Sexy Recruit Shay

September 24th, 2011 / No Comments » / by Ben Daniels (Admin)

Active Duty brought us another sexy recruit. Shay is a hot blonde guy who is 23-years old. He played baseball, football and a bit of wrestiling in high school.

His blue eyes and southern accent can make any man melt from desire to have him for himself.

So now it’s clear that older men like Shay. While he sat in his shorts one could see a nice package which was ready to be released from the shorts.

It didn’t take long before Shay’s cock became hard. This stud has hairy and unbeliveably beautiful legs, anyone would want to lower his head onto them for a while, but I believe that they’d soon head straight to his cock and begin to stroke it. And the same goes for his stomach because he has nice bright hairs on it.

One more thing about Shay is that he also has beautiful brown nipples that emanate the warmth of his body, which everyone would like to play with.

Afer the first few minutes of the initial nervousness Shay took out his dick and showed his balls with which he began to play. His hard dick was still the center of attention, and how wouldn’t it be since it has such a perfect shape. The next thing that attracted my attention about this stud were his armpits where I saw blonde hairs.

Shay’s nice and hot ass are among my favorites about this guy. His ass has two little eyes right above it, and while lowering your sight towards the averagely hairy ass you can also see the beautiful pink asshole in which other guy’s cum ended up more than once.

Stud Shay fulfills all the requirements as a recruit and we will be seeing more of him at Active Duty!



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Southern Strokes – Richard Wanks His Cock On A Ranch

September 21st, 2011 / No Comments » / by Ben Daniels (Admin)

Our straight boy for today is Richard. He is 23-year-old, has an cut cock that is 8 inches long, he is a student and hails from Louisiana far South.

His long hair and big chest reminded me of Adonis.

Richard came to the Ranch alone. He is a real stud, not only because of his cock, but with his entire stature and how he handles himself there at the ranch. Richard took off his shirt, showed us what a body he has, what biceps he has…

After showing off his upper part of the body, he decided to take off his jeans as well and show us what’s beneath them. And of course benath them are the underpants with the “Superman” sign, but behind that Superman there wasn’t a man, but one huge erect cock that was more than ready for one nice wanking off session.

Richard was now already stark naked and showed us his cut cock. He started to jerk it in front of us while standing on the porch of the house. He wanked it nice and long and then he shot his cum all over himself and the concrete on the porch.

Watch this video and see for yourself how Richard’s cock looks like beneath the underpants with the big letter S. And pay attention to the sperm shooting directly onto the concrete porch!


Short preview video:

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Straight Fraternity – Marine Laurent’s First Gay Blowjob

September 18th, 2011 / No Comments » / by Ben Daniels (Admin)

Laurent is a 24-year-old straight boy and he is a marine.

The first thing I noticed about him was that he looks very sexy. The next thing is that he is very confident about himself, cocky and has a great big smile.

After a short story, we asked him if he could take his clothes off and show us his cock. Laurent agreed and stipped himself naked, revealing his beautiful dick and the tattooed body. As far as the tattoos are concerned, he told us that each year represents one tattoo on his body.

Laurent started to stroke his dick, and it took me some time until I persuaded him to allow me to stroke his cock for him. But he did agree at long last.

First I caressed his dick until his cock started to throb from an increased amount of blood. When his cock was rock-hard, I began to suck on it and twist his nipples. This brought Laurent into ecstasy. With another man stroking his dick and my tongue licking his balls, he arrived to the orgasm and cum shooting rather fast. Since Laurent was so horny, I suspected that there would be a giant cumshot, and then Laurent really delivered a fantastic cumshot and moaned so loud that I haven’t heard something like that in a long time!

Big drops of his cum ended up on his sexy body, and he needed several minutes to recuperate from the ecstasy.

Check out horny Marine Laurent and enjoy his great looks and cumshot. Since he liked this you could have the privilegde to wank his cock next time.


Short preview video:

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Southern Strokes – Cold And Carson Fucking On A Ranch

September 17th, 2011 / No Comments » / by Ben Daniels (Admin)

After several months we have a chance to see our young and cute boy Cold McGraw again, but this time he’s on a ranch spending time with young boy Carson.

I invited Carson because I was certain that he knew how to handle Colt’s cock and I wasn’t wrong. Carson didn’t have any objections, as far as Colt and his cock were concerned. Carson actually loves to try such a nice big dick.

As you probably already know from before, Carson likes to be naked in the nature and Colt didn’t mind it. It was a hot Summer afternoon, with a weak breeze blowing outside. They chose a cool place in a shade on the ranch, and both of them were stark naked. Carson swallowed Colt’s cock and Colt enjoyed every minute of it.

After the blowjob, Carson bent over the fence and positioned himself in such a way that he could receive Colt’s cock in his ass easily and painlessly. Colt fucked him hard and good and Carson was so horny that he even lifted his right foot onto the fence, so that Colt could stick it into his ass as deeply as possible.

They both soon came and that was the end of their fucking for this hot summer day on the ranch. They left a rather big amount of their sperm on the fence itself.

This was a superb fucking session of our boy Colt and his buddy Carson on a ranch, don’t miss out – download their video from Southern Strokes!


Short preview video:

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ManAvenue – Straight Yandry Strokes His Mushroom Cockhead

September 13th, 2011 / No Comments » / by Ben Daniels (Admin)

When we met straight dude Yandry for his first video shoot I was totally hypnotized how can one boy look like this: his fat lips, dark skin color, his muscular and tattooed body, as well as his cock whose head looked like a real mushroom.

Yandry wanted to chat with a girl online and to show her his totally naked body. Slowly he started to take off his clothes, until at one moment he was stark naked. As of that moment his big and fat cock was very hard.

Yardy started to jack off his cock while standing, that beautiful rock-hard stick, he massaged it and stroked it hard, all for this girl on the internet chat.

After a short period of jerking off, he started to show off his muscles which are beautiful, a real bodybuilder’s. Yardy sat on the chair again and continued to stroke his beautiful cock. After some time he started to shoot his hot cum all over his belly.

After he came, Yardy took a towel and went to take a shower.


Short preview video:

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SUCKOffGUYS – Walker & Seth on the Backseat of a SUV

September 12th, 2011 / No Comments » / by Ben Daniels (Admin)

Straight dude Walker Michaels is 24 and has a tattoo on his left arm. He also has a nice big cock.

Seth Chase is our cocksucker who excels at this discipline.

Walker is a bear hunter and is always on the lookout for bears. Today he went looking for them on a rocky mountain where there are bears in abundance.

However, a thunderstorm spoilt his plans, so he had to remain in his SUV. Seth appeared out of nowhere and asked if he could find a shelter there with Micheal.

Although he couldn’t shoot a bear, Micheal did shoot something – with his dick and straight into Seth’s mouth. Walker said jockingly that one bear did appear after all, but that he would be shot with his sperm.

Walker jerked his cock, and at one moment Seth approached with his mouth very close to Walker’s cock so as to taste the young and beautiful cock. Walker’s cock eventually ended up in Seth’s mouth. Walker enjoyed while Seth sucked his cock and at one moment Walker’s cock started to shoot white cum straight into Seth’s mouth. Seth swallowed every drop of the Walker’s sperm ammo. Seth collected every drop that remained or was running down Walker’s shaft.

I heartily recommend that you download this HD video with this big, handsome guy, watch him getting serviced and shooting cum.


Short preview video:

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